1 NEVER SMOKE when handling Fireworks.

2 Open your display on the morning of the event (or sooner) and sort the Fireworks into two categories,

Ground/Aerial Fireworks,

Setpiece Fireworks.

Separate Fireworks carefully from packing material. Remember Fireworks are fragile. Please read all the instructions carefully.

3 Always keep Fireworks covered, particularly out of doors where a tarpaulin or sparkproof sheet should be used.

4 Never carry Fireworks in pockets, particularly portfires for a spark could light exposed touchpaper. Portfires are used for lighting Fireworks.

5 Choose a suitable site for the display during daylight. See diagram below for guide to firing site which shows an adequate area for fallout. A secure rope should be placed along the front of the site to ensure that any spectator is kept at least 30 meters from the nearest Firework.
The back of the site should be clear and open and no spectators should be alowed to stand there. Choose a site where the prevailing wind blows from front to rear so that the smoke and sparks are blown away from the spectators. Always make sur the site is free of dry grass and combustable material – and well away from cars.
If the display is large make sure that you have adequate means of access to the site. Provide stewards to look after emergencies. Have some fire equipment available, i.e. Fire Extinguishers and buckets of sand.